All of us need routine laboratory tests frequently Vaidya Lab provides all such tests namely hemogram urinalysis biochemistry & routine serology e.g. HIV, HBsAg, HCV. However, to achieve accuracy & precision we use automation not only for biochemistry but also for most routine tests like complete blood count, by 7 part LH 750 cell counter, ESR by Roller 20 auto analyser & Urine by Roche urine analyzer. Biochemistry is done on Au 480 & Dimension. All the tests are run with international control for precision & accuracy is checked by participating in external proficiency testing.


Vaidya Lab is always eager to provide services in emergency. We have ABG analyser for blood gases, electrolyte analyzer for electrolytes. In addition we have dry chemistry analyzer for biochemistry. We also provide results of viral markers & prothrombin time urgently. TAT for these tests is one hour Reports are immediately informed to the concerned physician


Lab has State of the Art instruments like Centaur XP, Centaur CP, Mini Vidas & Immulite. All the hormones like Thyroid function test, reproductive hormones and cancer markers can be done on these equipment Vitamines like Vit D , Vit B12 can be reported. Various profiles required by gynaecologists , IVF Centres & endocrinologist can be performed on these equipments.


Our microbiology lab is also NABL accredited. Biosafety cabinets, Vitek for identification & antibiotic sensitivity & Bactealert for blood culture are in instruments for routine microbiology. Vaidya Lab also has seperate biosafety cabinate, refridgrated centrifuge & bactealert using different special media for use of mycobacterial culture. Lab plans to have MGIT & special tuberculoris microbiology lab, very soon which will be accredited & one of the best laboratory


Presently Vaidya Lab performes Line Probe Assay using Hain’s PCR to identify MDR. This needs to be done only on sputum positive cases. But has advantage of detecting rifampicin & INH resistance. Vaidya Lab also has Gene Xpert. It detects only rifampicin reistance. But it has an advantage of using it for sputum negative tubercusios & various fluids like CSF, Pleural fluid. Peritomeal fluid, synovial fluid etc. It can also be used on endometrium & other tissues to detect tuberculosis.


Histopathology is a branch of pathology where accurate judgment is to be given for final diagnosis of biopsy & operated specimens. This can identify cancers, tuberculosis & many other diseases. Though every MD pathologist has preliminary training of histopathology, specially trained people in this branch are called histopathologist. Vaidya Lab has a facility to report histopathology Dr. Ulhas Vaidya has experience of 37 year in histology Dr. Supriya Jain has worked under renowned pathologists like Dr. Anita Borgese & Dr. RB Deshpande.


Allergy is sometimes very irritating problem & can cause skin allergies, respiratory allergies & G. I. problems. Vaidya Lab has Phadia system for allergy. On this allergy screen Phadia Top test is available. This test is polyvalent allergy specific IgE & hence it is more sensitive & specific than routine IgE test Vaidya Lab is associated with Dr. Shilpa Nayak who has specialised in allergy & gives consultation on Saturdays in Horizon Hospital. Patient can consult her or their own physician in case of allergy & as per requirement various profile can be run on Phadia analyzer to find out exact allergy causing symptoms.

F. N. A. C.

Fine needle Aspiration cytology [ FNAC ] FNAC is very useful & simple technique where pathologist uses simple 22 gz. needle & 10 ml. Syringe to aspirate the cells from any swelling. After staining these slides diseases like tuberculosis & cancers can be diagnosed. Technique is useful for planning the treatment. However, negative results do not rule out underlying pathology. Vaidya Lab has competetant pathologists to perform FNAC & FNAC of cervical lymphnodes , thyroid & breast lumps are done routinely. Vaidya lab assists Dr. Hrishikesh Vaidya of Horizon Hospital, who does aspiration using EBUS i.e. Endobronchial ultrasound by giving on site reports about adequacy of material & urgent diagnosis.


Vaginal Cytology used for screening Carcinoma of Cervix can be done in Vaidya Lab. Convential Papsmeras as well as liquid based cytology can be done in our lab. In addition cytology of various fluids & urine etc. can be done.


Vaidya Lab has senior pathogist Dr. Sunanda Narkar with experience in fluorescent microscopy. We plan to start various tests for autoimmune disease & AFB detection by fluorescent microscopy.